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What is the Best Culture to Perform Award?

Awarded yearly, the Best Culture to Perform AWARD honors those who have shown that their culture best serves their strategy. The Best Culture to Perform AWARD started as a response to business challenges in a highly competitive business environment. Its main goal is to enable organizational effectiveness by providing you with valuable and unique insights to build the Best Culture to Perform.


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Your Organizational Culture is unique. The Best Culture to Perform AWARD is all about you.

Your Cultural Optimization
Presentation of concrete change suggestions: “The Lever of Change” to make the transformation happen.

Your Organizational Effectiveness
A clear visualization of both the actual and optimal culture of your organization, and your scope for improvement.

Your Leadership Development
Insight into the degree of managerial § leadership effectiveness within your organization.

Your branding as an employer
A global programme indicating that you have worked consistently to achieve the Best Culture to Perform for you and your employees.


Latest News

The “Nordic culture” and why Finland is potentially losing out.

Recently a study done by the Oresund Institute and published in Finland by Amcham Finland visualize that Stockholm/Sweden is the front runner in attracting the Nordic headquarters for many Fortune 500 companies. Denmark comes in second with Finland and Norway loosing out. What might be the reason other than that Sweden is roughly twice the...

Why pharmaceuticals shouldn’t be too customer oriented

Pharmaceuticals may face a trade off between being ethical and short term profitability One of the dimensions in Hofstede's Multi-focus model is called "Customer Orientation". Now you could think that it's always good to be more customer oriented, but let us show you why that is not always the case. The two poles of the...

Smarp receives the first Best Culture to Perform Award

We are thrilled to announce the very first winner of our Best Culture to Perform Award – Smarp Founded in Finland in 2011; and now with offices in New York, London, Stockholm, Oslo, Singapore and Dubai; Smarp is leading the way in employee advocacy, communication, and employee engagement.

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